Friday, 27 September 2013

Reign Season 1 Pilot Episode Guide

Adelaide Kane stars the newest series of CW, Reign which will be airing this coming Oct. 17, 2013 Thursday, and starts at 9:00pm ET. Reign is a television drama series following the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots, which was in 1557 France.

The show will fill with lot intrigues and dangers that will lurk around in every dark side of the Castle,  that means it will be very interesting and intense for our beautiful Queen Mary. You probably have noticed her as a familiar face because she has been in many shows already, ‘Pretty Tough’, ‘Neighbors’ and of course ‘Power Rangers RPM’, she was named as the hottest villain of this teen show. If you like to see Reign Season 1 Episode 1 online, just visit to view the full episode of the show.

By the way, if you haven't seen Reign Season 1 Trailer, well here you go;

Here’s the official synopsis for Reign Season 1 Episode 1 is here;  After spending a childhood safely hidden away in a monastery, a teenage Mary Stuart (Adelaide Kane) arrives in France where she has been sent to secure Scotland’s strategic alliance by formalizing her arranged engagement to the French King’s dashing son, Prince Francis (Toby Regbo). Further complicating things is Bash (Torrance Coombs), Francis’ handsome, roguish half-brother and Francis’ mother, Queen Catherine (Megan Follows).

When the strong-willed Queen learns of a prophecy that marriage to Mary will cost Francis his life, she is determined to save her son, no matter how many others have to pay with their lives.

If you like to see the full Reign Season 1 Episode 1 online, feel free to visit where you can view and enjoy the most hit series on the television. You can also enjoy the hottest and latest spoilers here, so if I were you, I’ll stay tune and keep track about your favorite shows.

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