Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Things or trivia about Stephen Amell, Lead star of Arrow

The first thing you should know the newest star of CW, Stephen Amell who plays the lead and legenday comic character Arrow, is that he squeezes in extra workouts before the shirtless scenes. Amell was often shirtless in the Arrow pilot episode, so its no wonder that he’s not scared to show off his six packs abs.

The second thing about Stephen that you should know about is that he was once a spinning instructor, he says in an interview that in order for him to support himself, he decided taught spinning classes. And things started to change in his life since he entered the industry of acting, where he get funny message in his Facebook and Twitter accounts, “We took your spin class way back when!” or “We miss you as a spin instructor”.

The 3rd thing about the Arrow star is that he’s becoming a skilled archer. In an interview he say that he wanted to shoot the series for awhile, and then go into an archery competitions and see how good is he in Archery. He also gives an advice that “You have to relax when you’re shooting an arrow, you can’t be tense. And that just helps, in your day-to-day life.” The 4rth thing is that He filmed a racy sex scene on his first day of Hung. The last thing is that he The Vampire Diaries’ Candice Accola schooled him during a game of Scrabble.

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Source: Usmagazine.com

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