Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bones gets more Exciting!!!

Have you watched the seventh episode of Bones, where loves keeps on floating in the air of the Jeffersonian Institute. Dr. Brennan and Booth relationships get ups and downs sometimes but they still manage and settle everything at the end of the day. While Angela and Dr. Hodgins was getting more intimate and stronger as long as they don’t keep secret from each other that would ruined their relationship. But one secret almost ruined their relationship, Hodgins didn’t tell Angela about Camille’s involvement to one of the interns of Dr. Brennan.

Camille secretly seeing Dr. Arastoo Vaziri, they both keep it a secret from their co-workers because Camille doesn’t want to be intrigued by her friends/co-workers. But Hodgins already busted their relationship after Dr. Saroyan give back the book which full of writings of poetry which was written by Dr. Vaziri. Then Arastoo ask Hodgins to keep it as secret where he even made him promise not to tell anyone especially Angela. But then as usual Hodgins couldn’t help and can’t lie to his Wife, Angela, so he told her which make Angela very intrigued and excited about Cam’s involvement.

Where this relationship of Dr. Saroyan and Dr. Vaziri will leads to? Do you think that they will last? Or is it just gonna end up nowhere. Catch the upcoming episode of Bones this Monday, 8pm on Fox. You may also watch Bones online for free here on

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