Monday, 26 November 2012

How I Met Your Mother: The beginning of the end

Get to watch the funniest Television series How I Met Your Mother which just premiered this September 2012 where you can see the beginning of the end to my fellow fans. Have you watch the premiere of the 8th season that may have seen the last season opener of Ted Mosby’s televised his journey towards finding the mother of his children. Who could it be? Who is the mother of Ted Mosby's children?

Well the writers of the show weren’t is still not sure if there will be a 9th season on air, so right now the writers were going full speed ahead to the reveal of the mother, with a Plan B in place in the instance the show is renewed.

The show get more interesting and exciting as we get closer to getting to know the Mother of Ted Mosby’s children. To my fellow fans of the show you shouldn’t miss the upcoming episode of the show; because of you do you might just regret it, it airs every Monday at 8pm on CBS. Well, anyway watch How I Met Your Mother online here on wheyou can still re you can enjoy every episode of it again from the start.

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