Sunday, 18 May 2014

Vampire Special Scope: True Blood Season 7 Spoilers and Trailer

So, True Blood will be back soon and with their seventh season… There’s a reckoning coming to Bon Temps and there’s simply no telling who’s going to make it out of this alive.

HBO has released the first official trailer for the most favorite bloodsucking thriller series “True Blood”, giving fans a few more troublesome hints as how these final 10 episodes of episode of the series will play out for Sookie & Co. with one thing is for sure: these Hep V-infected vamps are not messing around. Death and obliteration are afflicting this town and everyone’s pointing the blame on a certain young blonde.

From the previous season of True Blood; they were been a lot of flesh exposition going on; for some who’ve seen had a locked jaw all throughout the night while watching each episode. There were some hilarious visual jokes of vampires and their willing prey tentatively reaching out to each other and seeing Arlene glowing and hosting and Violet looking possessively at Jason, Alcide and Sookie bickering like a little flirty married couple… What do you think will happen to Sookie this season? Hmmm… Anyway, you may check out more the previous True Blood Episodes online here at

So you may check out True Blood Season 7 Trailer here below:

As you can see Alexander Skarsgard’s Nordic vamp, Eric, will find themselves grimly dissatisfied.  Yes, it’s true that his lack of existence in all of these trailers is tremendously disturbing, though, we did get a briefly spotted Pam, and so we can only hope that her maker isn’t too far behind. Oh… Please?

But of course there is still plenty of action to take in as the people of Bon Temps – both of the supernatural and humans – fights for their live in the town where they all grown to love.

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