Tuesday, 8 January 2013

NCIS Season 10 Episode 12: “Shiva” Promo

You all probably cried after seeing the death of Eli David and Mrs. Vance from the latest episode “Shabbat Shalom”, Eli was the father of Ziva and of course Mrs. Vance is the wife of Leon. It was so sad moment for Leon and Ziva who were not able to save the love ones. Eli was keep on telling Ziva that he’s there to start being a father to her, but Ziva didn’t believe then she found out that his father was the killer of their victim. And because Ziva couldn’t keep a secret from Gibbs, she told him that his father was the killer but all of the sudden someone started shooting at the house of the Assistant Director Leon Vance; where she eventually came after to capture.
Meanwhile, Leon was left at their house trying to revive his wife, and then McGhee and Dinnozzo came to help him. When Ziva came back she found out that his father is already dead and Dinnozzo seems to be really saddened for Ziva and Asst. Dir. Vance. Sorry to spoil you if you haven’t seen this episode but if you want to watch NCIS online with the latest episode you may niceseries.com to view it all for free.

Anyway, here is the promo video for the upcoming episode; NCIS Season 10 Episode 12: “Shiva”:

It seems that Ziva is really determined to get revenged for his father’s death. Will Gibbs help her to get the justice for his father? Or it will be just Dinnozzo? To watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 12 online you may visit niceseries.com to enjoy watching the show without a cost of a penny. It will air next Tuesday, (1/15/2013) 8pm, so be sure put on your reminders on.

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